Do you hear things go drip in the night?  Is there water coming out of your tap, even after you have switched it off or does your water bill seem too high for the amount of water you are consuming? You could be experiencing a leaking or burst pipe.

Leaking Pipes


Our specialised plumbing teams can fix a leaking pipe anywhere. Whether it is under ground, in the garden, under concrete or behind a wall. We will do it with the least amount of damage to your property .


We can repair or replace any type of piping for example

  • Galvanised pipes

  • Copper pipes

  • Pvc pipes

  • HDPE pipes

  • High pressure pipes

  • Polycop pipes

Sewerage pipes.


We install sewerage pipes and is proud to say that Engen is one of many satisfied customers.

Beneath your garden, driveway or path there are two rather important pipes that you should be aware of - a water supply pipe, which delivers water in your home from our main in the street, and a sewer pipe, which flushes all your wastewater into

our sewers.


Without these two pipes, your taps would be nothing more than ornaments, and your loo...well, probably best not to go there!

Most of the time, these two pipes are quite happy doing their own thing.If, however, you need to replace or repair one of them, or install a new one because you’ve built a new property or extension, you’ll need to know where to go and who to contact.

This is when you pick up your phone and give us a call.