Blocked drains.


Blocked drains and pipes are more than just a nuisance as they often result in unpleasant odors lingering in your house. Common symptoms include water rising in the toilet when you flush it and water pooling in showers and baths. Most of the time minor blockages can be removed by using drain rods.

Blocked Drains?

Almost every homeowner will have experienced some form of blockage within their home. With years of experience within the drainage industry, the Drain Geyser Plumbing Experts team are fully capable of spotting the most common and probable causes of such blockages. Drain Geyser Plumbing Experts have put together the following information listing the most common causes of drain blockages, so that you’re able to spot the tell-tale signs before they have a chance to worsen


Trees and leaves:

Leaves are not the only culprit, as tree roots which are drawn to the nearest source of water can also crack into the pipes over time, causing a blockage.

Grease and fat:

Any fatty substances which are washed down the sink will stick to the inside of the pipes, eventually building up so much that no more liquid can pass through.

Foreign objects:

Choked or blocked drainage can occur when foreign objects or materials such as soaps, fats ,toys or food build up become caught between the drainpipe and the pipes that flow underneath.


A build-up of hair can cause a blockage.