Drain Geyser Plumbing Experts does a number of plumbing works in and around Pretoria and all surrounding areas. Services include geysers, leak detection, opening of blocked drains and repairing of all water pipes. Industrial and domestic maintenance.

We also have a jetting machine to help clean out all those stubborn pipes and drains. We have a state of the art Drain camera to also inspect your pipes and drains. 

Never let anyone who isn't a qualified plumber work on your plumbing equipment, it could be dangerous if they don't know what they are doing.

Always know where your waters main shut-off valve is! Make sure that it is in working condition and easily accessible.

Make sure your hot-water system (geyser) has its own stop-valve; and that it is in working condition and easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Make sure your geyser is installed to comply with the SABS specifications. Drip pans, correct valves and outlets.

Make sure drains, rodding eyes and gullies are lower than shower traps as outside blocked drains can cause an overflow of sewerage in your house.

Never use cracked toilet bowls as they are extremely dangerous.